Welcome to the Wireless Networking Group site. WNG performs research on all aspects wireless networking and communication. We specifically target experimentation in testbeds in addition to analysis and simulation. Some of our focus areas are:

  • Milimiterwave networking and extremely high frequency communication
  • Interference management and coordination mechanisms
  • Network coding
  • Mobile network resource and traffic optimization
  • Wireless transport protocols

What's new!


Poster awarded in Mobicom 2017!

The poster "Can MPTCP Improve Performance for Dual-Band 60 GHz/5 GHz Clients?" won the 3rd place in the ACM Student Research Competition. Click here to read it.  


2 papers got accepted for ACM CoNEXT 2017

"Compressive Millimeter-Wave Sector Selection in Off-the-Shelf IEEE 802.11ad Devices" and "Zero Overhead Device Tracking in 60 GHz Wireless Networks using Multi-Lobe Beam Patterns" were accepted for the ACM CoNext Conference that will take place in South Korea (12-15 December) 




New PhD Student

Alejandro Blanco joined WNG in September. The new PhD Student will research on LTE, Measurement, SDR and Mobile Networks.



New Research Engineer

Dr. Jesús Omar Lacruz is joining us as a Research Engineer to participate in the activities of Searchlight Project. His research is focused in FPGA, VLSI, Error Correcting Codes, Digital Signal Processing and Digital Communications.   


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