Welcome to the Wireless Networking Group site. WNG performs research on all aspects wireless networking and communication. We specifically target experimentation in testbeds in addition to analysis and simulation. Some of our focus areas are:

  • Millimiter-wave networking and extremely high frequency communication
  • Interference management and coordination mechanisms
  • Network coding
  • Mobile network resource and traffic optimization
  • Wireless transport protocols

What's new!


New project granted! PinPoint5G+

PinPoint5G+, funded by the MICIU through the call Retos Investigación will expand network functionalities to provide precise and ubiquitous details of physical entities as a native network service based on the integration of 5G+ technologies.   


New project granted! MINTS

MINTS is an Innovative Training Networks (ITN) project.  This type of project aims to train a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative early-stage researchers, able to face current and future challenges and to convert knowledge and ideas into products and services for economic and social benefit.


PhD Thesis defense: Analysis and Performance Improvement of Consumer-Grade Millimeter Wave Wireless Networks

Guillermo Bielsa defended succesfully his PhD thesis on the 26th of July. Congratulations for this achievement. 


PhD Thesis defense: Robust and Reliable Millimeter Wave Wireless Networks

Hany Assasa defended his PhD thesis on the 23rd of July. He will continue working in the group as a Post-Doc Researcher. Congratulations!